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Pinette Emidecau Industries

Who we are

Pinette Emidecau Industries, also known as Pinette P.E.I. offers innovative manufacturing equipment for cost reduction, high production rate, and high-performance lightweight structures enabling the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. We are experts in thermoplastic and thermoset processing solutions (HDF, RTM, Stamping, Consolidation, Curing, SMC, High temperature).

Our innovative QSP® high-speed production line (one-minute production cycle) manufactures net shape thermoplastics and hybrid composites parts (multi-thickness and multi-material).

We have designed and supplied metal and composites forming equipment, testing solutions, assembly jigs, automated production lines, and turnkey plants since 1863. More than 3000 of our machines are active within the world’s largest industrial groups in aeronautics & aerospace, automotive, energies, defense, and other industries.

Our values