Who we are

When it comes to aircraft recovery, RESQTEC is your safest option. We are the biggest aircraft recovery equipment specialist worldwide and have 50 years of experience in the industry. RESQTEC has all the expertise and equipment in store to help you.

On request of the aviation industry (e.g. Airbus, Boeing and IATA’s Aircraft Recovery Task Force), RESQTEC developed a unique solution to lift and recover the new generation of aircraft that are larger, heavier and have a new wing designs (e.g. Airbus A350, Boeing 787). The industry acknowledged that all existing conventional equipment such as low pressure aircraft lifting bags, aircraft recovery jacks and cranes had similar shortcomings with the recovery of aircraft. These solutions could not cope with the height needed for lifting and the arc movement encountered when lifting. In addition, issues with stability, deployability and ease of use were established.

RESQTEC developed the R2S (Rapid Recovery System) in order to solve all these issues. The R2S lifting system was specifically designed to allow for controlled and continuous lifting in one shot, over a changing angle, without affecting the stability of the aircraft and incurring secondary damages. No repositioning or additional (wooden) cribbing is required. The equipment works on every aircraft, is quick and easy to use and extremely durable. This allows for a short set up time and ensures the fast removal of disabled aircraft. In addition, the equipment is compact, flexible, and easy to transport. The system has been designed to have a small footprint, making it function effectively on runway as well as soft terrain in all environmental conditions. The R2S lifting system cuts back the time of an aircraft recovery operation by more than 50%.

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RESQTEC is an ACI World Business Partner, IATA Strategic Partner and active member of the IATA Aircraft Recovery Forum.

Established in 1972, RESQTEC Zumro B.V. is based in Lisse, the Netherlands, and is a leading multinational. With 50 years of experience RESQTEC is the innovative solution provider of rescue and aircraft recovery equipment. As such, RESQTEC supports rescue and recovery teams all over the world.

Our values


First, RESQTEC focuses on innovation and education, because those have the power to transform both rescue and aircraft recovery in safe and timely operations.


Second, RESQTEC is a true innovative solution provider. We understand the complications of any rescue or recovery operation.

Our key areas of contribution are to raise standards in our daily operations. Furthermore, we want to increase understanding by eduction (or sharing knowledge). Finally, we want to develop the equipment that exceeds the expectations of our rescuers.