Who we are

SIGNALIGHT, an ELECTROMAX brand dedicated to product and lighting solutions for airports, heliports and beacons
We are the right partner for you with dedicated, standard or customized lighting systems.
Our 22 years experience and our worldwide presence make us a trustful partner!

SIGNALIGHT is a brand developed by the ELECTROMAX and aims exclusively the business line of product and lighting solutions for airports, heliports and beacons.

With 22 years of experience, ELECTROMAX is one of the largest designers and manufacturers of LED lighting systems, marketed worldwide, offering high quality products ( The company’s headquarters is located in Petrosani, a pittoresque town in Romania, in a modern facility with more than 50 employees.

ELECTROMAX business lines include:

Lighting for airports, heliports and beacons

Lighting for potentially explosive atmospheres

Street lighting

Industrial lighting

Architectural lighting

Considering the importance and the international scope of the lighting field for airports, heliports and beacons, ELECTROMAX decided that starting with 2021, the promotion of this business line will be done distinctly through the SIGNALIGHT brand.

SIGNALIGHT is, therefore, a brand of ELECTROMAX, dedicated exclusively to the promotion of product and lighting solutions for airports, heliports lighting and beacons.

SIGNALIGHT products are made in our production facility in Petrosani, Romania. We use OSRAM certified quality LED lighting, manufactured in-house, together with high quality materials such as anodized aluminum, polycarbonate, stainless steel. Our facility is equipped with the latest technologies for lighting design, manufacturing and testing, including electronic design, optical solutions, thermal and mechanical simulations, photometry testing and many more.

Our values

SIGNALIGHT Mission and Vision

Our mission is to make every product better than any other in its class.
Our policies on innovation and development guide us to smarter, safer and more sustainable choices for you.


The field of lighting products for airports, heliports and beacons involves compliance with international standards and maximum safety, which is why the values that SIGNALIGHT brand emphasizes are:

Quality – we have developed unique functionalities for lighting products, tested in the most difficult conditions on the Globe. Also, please read more about: Certified Obstruction, obstacle lights from SIGNALIGHT

Reliability – we ensure maximum efficiency using our products;

Dedication – we provide our clients with full support for choosing the most suitable solutions and integrating our products into their requirements;

Responsibility – the lighting products are designed and made according to the international standards in the field and the testing of each product is extremely rigorous, keeping in mind the fundamental purpose: the safety of people, assets and environment;

Integrity – is our way of developing successful businesses and solid, long-term partnerships.

Lighting products, incorporating state-of-the-art materials and technology, are designed and marketed under the SIGNALIGHT brand to military, civilian and industrial contractors all around the world.
This provides the brand with an excellent capital of image and trust.


Our customizable systems solutions come with exceptional value through a carefully thought set of services, aimed to assist you at every step: design, manufacturing, system setup, testing, validation, operation and maintenance.
We ensure flexibility and full technical support for integrating our solutions or even manufacturing lighting products according to customer requirements.