Who we are


Out of passion and pleasure, a semi-retired and a former director of research and development decided to develop a central heat pump system with integrated zoning system that can simultaneously heat and cool different rooms. Their goal was to innovate in a field they know well with elements they control, while setting the bar very high in terms of innovation. In short, design an innovative product to satisfy an existing need, the discomfort created by different individual needs in the ambient temperature. That's a go.


The project expands and materializes by moving from an idea and a prototype to a functional product. Done with the basement. A laboratory is established Napierville and the product becomes patentable. Then, in 2016, the central heat pump system is launched. The ventilation and energy production are well controlled by modulation thanks to the CVBM IV control developed by these two entrepreneurs.

Following the launch of the final product, aviation contacts at TRU are asking if it is possible to create an air conditioning unit adapted to their flight simulators by adapting this new CVBM IV technology. A prototype is created. SimV+AC is born and so far, dozens of air conditioner units for flight simulators (FFS) are installed around the world.

This product is therefore of interest to many people and in order to offer a high-quality product as much by its design as its construction, new shareholders with varied skills join the team. A head office is then created in New Brunswick where the units are manufactured.

The company is now composed of a mechanical engineer, a mechanical designer, a technician, an accountant, an aeronautical technology specialist and a sales and marketing specialist. All are supported by the most competent employees and proud to fabricate a product of superior design and quality.


At the end of 2017, the production of conditioned air for flight simulators begins.


There are SimV+AC units around the world, including India, Australia, China, the United States and Mexico.


We have a research and development centre in Napierville, Quebec that develops all the innovative technologies we use in our ventilation and air-conditioning systems for flight simulators.

We are currently working on a unit that will serve as a “backup” for the main air-conditioning unit. It will be equipped with an advanced diagnostic system that will detect any problems with the main unit and activate the backup unit, so that it may take over from the faulty one. It will be a simplified option-less unit to be offered at a lower price than the main unit.

Our values