Who we are

A IATA strategic partner, Skypro is the first brand to develop an innovative product line specifically made for aviation industry professionals. The outstanding Skypro products and services guarantee comfort, high performance and safety for all crew members. With the health and protection of all crews at the forefront of Skypro manufacture, only the best and safest materials are used.

After many years of R&D in conjunction with airline companies and aviation professionals, Skypro offers a collection with a unique design and impeccable construction. Using the latest technology and the best quality raw materials, Skypro products are made for all professionals with an intensive work life. The Skypro collection includes footwear, customized uniforms, shirts, knitwear, handbags, gloves and a technologically innovative range of underwear.

Skypro has the only footwear in the world certified (EN ISO 20347:2012) for aviation professionals and is the winner of “Etihad Best Suppliers Award ” and “Best Wellbeing Company Onboard Hospitality Award”. The collection benefits from special features to ensure crew health, safety and comfort. Skypro footwear construction ensures extraordinary benefits to the wearers:

- Reduce fatigue
- Anti-static
- Alarm-free and airport friendly
- Temperature control
- Slip-resistance
- Increased performance
- Enhance comfort and safety
- Never lose their cushioning

Our values

FOCUS: We are committed to our mission and to bringing added value to the airline industry.

CREATIVITY: We work in forward thinking design using method to add value through creativity and problem solving.

COLLABORATION: We are committed to working alongside you to realize our shared goals.

CARE: We look after the aviation professionals all day, every day.

INTEGRITY: We aim to always do the right thing and are unquestionably honest in the way we are.

EXCELLENCE:We work every day to achieve perfection to fully satisfy our customers needs.

Our presence around the world