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Who we are

Snowy Owl is a line of innovative and remarkably efficient aircraft deicing trucks and trailers designed and manufactured by Cam Concept Inc. We manufacture three outstanding products. Our flagship SO-2512-SP, is a self-propelled, single operator, 4X4 truck which has 2500 litres (660 gal.) of type 1 deicing fluid and 1200 litres (320 gal) of type 3-4 anti-icing fluid. It can operate to heights of up to 41 feet which make it an ideal unit for aircraft up to an A320, B737 or C130. It features a wifi or smartphone activated preheat system, a 360 degrees rotating aerial bucket and incredibly fast heating time.

We have just introduced an outstanding new feature to our SO-2512-SP line of trucks, a front-heated driver’s cabin. Operators can now drive around and position their truck in a comfortable cabin and any waiting time is now in the cozy heated cabin.

We also manufacture 2 types of towable trailers that have the same basic specs. Our new and exclusive SO-207-GN is gooseneck attached trailer and is towable by any pickup truck on any road which makes it a great unit to be moved from base to base or around an airport at any speed. It offers a superior traction and stability due to the extra weight on the pickup trucks frame. The overall length is shorter than any competing models for easy handling around aircraft. Our SO-207-TW is a regular trailer that can be hauled with a pickup truck or a tug around you tarmac. Both units feature a 2000 litres (530 gal) type 1 heated tank, 750 litres (200 gal) type 3-4 tank, a 34-foot aerial bucket, preheat for type 1 fluid, auto pumping and much more.

Previous models such as the Caribou are not produced any more and are replaced by the highly upgraded SO-2512-SP

Our values

"Your Safety our priority" This means that Snowy Owl Aircraft Deicers views safety as a core value and is committed to implementing concrete measures to ensure the safety of its customers, personnel, and other stakeholders, while continuously striving to improve its safety practices.




Customer Service, The customer service of Snowy Owl Aircraft Deicers stands out for its professionalism, speed, and availability. The company offers 24/7 assistance to meet the needs of its clients in the aircraft deicing industry. Snowy Owl technicians are trained to provide technical assistance and advice to ensure optimal functioning of deicing equipment. Customer satisfaction is the absolute priority of the company, and it continuously strives to meet its clients' demands with personalized and high-quality service.

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