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Who we are

SoftekSim joins a group of companies that specialize in development of aircraft flight simulators and SoftekSim brand name popularization.

Main activities:
development of customized custmer-tailored aircraft simulators with certification in EU (EASA CS-FSTD) and other countries, according to appropriate regulations.

Main product:
Procedural Training Devices for piston, turboprop and jet aircraft training.

Our clients:
Academies and Pilot schools, Aviation clubs, Airline companies.

Having been in aviation for more than 10 years we implement an individual approach in development of Flight Training Devices with consideration of client
requirements and specification – from avionics to upholstery colors. Our intention is to provide our partners with high-quality product and support while maintaining very competitive prices.

Our specialists can help with Compliance Monitoring Program development and maintaining of your simulator. We can help with your Staff training, required to certify and operate the Flight Training Device.

Our values

SoftekSim simulators designed for a heavy-duty use at the Flight Schools. We strive to understand needs and requirements of Clients and design so tailored simulator that will add maximum value to the Client's training facilities.

Our approach is an attention to actual aircraft cockpit elements. We do our best to make a simulator as close to actual aircraft as possible, so the students would get used with the ambince of actual aircraft they are about to fly.

Convertible simulators upon request, Simulator software modifications - this all we can offer, since we use in-house developed Software (G1000 NXi).