unival group GmbH

Who we are

unival group is a Germany based group of companies specialized in governmental and corporate protection. We are operating in more than 35 countries around the world with specially selected and trained unival distributors, who represent our Multi-Level Security philosophy.

Working in high-risk areas and emerging markets around the world has shaped our understanding about the security needs of governmental and corporate clients.

Our values

As a German group we guarantee the highest quality standards combined with customer-orientated services and great reliability to our international clientele.

Multi-Level Security is our understanding of comprehensive security solutions that are a combination of our own portfolio of high-end security products and selected products from our range of partners. The professional integration of complementary products will establish sustainable security standards that can master ever changing threats from terrorism and industrial espionage.

We are committed to provide security solutions that are customized for regional and scenario-based areas of operations.