USM Airportsystems AG

Who we are

USM Airportsystems manufactures furnishings for all passenger handling processes in airports on the basis of the Swiss made USM Modular Furniture system. The basic construction allows limitless possibilities to extend or rebuild individual elements, to integrate technology, change colours or convert units from stationary to mobile and vice versa. USM Airportsystems solutions are applicable in aviation as well as non-aviation areas, and allow airports to establish a uniform corporate design from check-in to boarding. The use of extremely robust, high quality damage and fire resistant materials creates a truly cost effective yet design conscious solution for architects and airport planners.

Our values

The issue of dealing responsibly with energy, emissions, raw materials and production methods was central to the development of the USM Modular Furniture from the very beginning. The service life of the product is of prime importance in the ecological considerations, as the longer a product can be used, the smaller the impact on the environment.

USM Modular Furniture holds the Greenguard certificate establishing USM as a producer of interior products with low chemical emissions. The Greenguard certificate has allowed USM to qualify for LEED rating system that addresses best-in-class building strategies. USM also holds the Cradle to Cradle® certificate.