100 - 300hp piston engine / 50 - 100kg / for drones / for light aircraft
Gemini 125 Gemini Diesel



  • Engine power:

    100 - 300hp

  • Dry weight:

    50 - 100kg

  • Applications:

    for drones, for light aircraft, for helicopters

  • Cycle:


  • Number of cylinders:



Gemini 125

Turbocharged, 125 horsepower uniflow diesel engine*
Designed for LSA, E-LSA and experimental aircraft
Lighter weight with higher torque at lower RPMs*
Mechanically simpler design with fewer moving parts
Green operation with much lower emissions
Runs on Jet A, diesel or bio-diesel fuels
Up to 20% lower fuel burn than avgas-burning piston engines*
Easy retrofit with current piston engine designs