acrobatic paramotor wing / single
Pegasus GIN Gliders


  • Applications:


  • Maximum passengers:


  • Wing surface:

    Min.: 24.1 m² (259.41 ft²)

    Max.: 30.8 m² (331.53 ft²)

  • Weight:

    Min.: 75 kg (165.35 lb)

    Max.: 160 kg (352.74 lb)


Engineered to take you far

A perfect choice for your first paramotor wing, the Pegasus is engineered to optimise safety, comfort and handling, while offering the versatility to take you far.

The Pegasus is the first pure GIN wing designed specifically for paramotoring, the result of a unique collaboration. In developing the Pegasus, GIN teamed up with both pilot Laurent Salinas and Fresh Breeze engines. The result is a wing that can give you the best possible start to your paramotoring career, whether you choose footlaunch, trike or even free-flight.
Simple, safe and forgiving

Thanks to the new "S-inlets" on the leading edge, you'll find that inflation and take-off couldn't be easier. The Pegausus inflates smoothly with the minimum of effort and the low minimum speed gets you airbourne quickly and under full control with virtually zero oscillation tendencies.

In flight, GIN's Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) means that the wing is stable in turbulence and at speed. In addition, the wing has a long brake range and progressively higher brake pressures near the stall, giving you an ample safety margin. The excellent control authority at low speeds also means you can land comfortably in a wide range of conditions.