G-meter without display / 1-axis / 2-axis / Vdc
L3 Technologies



  • Type:

    without display

  • Number of axes:

    1-axis, 2-axis

  • Output signal:


  • Applications:

    for aircraft

  • Domain:

    for the aerospace industry


Measure proper acceleration in the toughest flight environmentsL3’s Multi-Axial Accelerometer is an essential component in L3’s advanced accident-survivable flight recording systems designed for use in commercial and military aircraft. The hermetically sealed instrument houses single-, dual- or tri-axial sensors for measuring vertical, longitudinal and lateral acceleration.The Multi-Axial Accelerometer: Meets the mandatory requirements of the FAA and other regulatory authorities Compliant to ARINC 542A/573/717/747 and certified to TSO C124b Lightweight, easily customizable, long-lasting and hermetically sealed for harsh operational environments Direct replacement for other ARINC-compliant accelerometers