tow tractor / towbarless / for aircraft / for airports
AP86 series LEKTRO, INC.



  • Type:


  • Configuration:


  • Applications:

    for aircraft

  • Domain:

    for airports

  • Towing capacity:

    13,608 kg (30,001 lb)

  • Working speed:

    7.2 km/h, 10.6 km/h (4.5 mph)


The AP86 Series set the standard for towbarless towing when it was introduced. An AP86 series LEKTRO tug is perfect for individual aircraft owners and operators of FBOs who want to maximize efficiency. With its standard on-board Motive/GPU battery system, the AP8600 Series can tow and start most aircraft from a Hawker 800 on down. Its nimble size and competitive price enable flight departments throughout the world to enjoy the clean, quiet and safe engineering that makes this series the hallmark of reliability. Plus, our patented, universal nose cradle and two person operator station are standard features.