0 - 100kN turbofan / 300kg + / for airliners



  • Thrust:

    0 - 100kN

  • Dry weight:

    300kg +

  • Applications:

    for airliners


Short-haul, high frequency, dependable power
The BR715 turbofan outperforms all in its class.

Specifically designed and exclusively chosen for the Boeing 717, it offers high performance, environmental benefits, low ownership costs and low risk technology.

Quiet, reliable, efficient
The 100-seat Boeing 717-200 is exclusively powered by two Rolls-Royce BR715 turbofans.

Each BR715 uses the same highly efficient BR700 engine core as the BR710, suitable for high cyclic operation and thrusts between 14,000lb and 21,500lb.

What’s more, it’s designed for up to 20 per cent improved fuel burn, relative to other current engines in its thrust class.