customer relationship software / quality / for air cargo / web-based
TRAXON Quality



  • Function:

    customer relationship, quality

  • Applications:

    for air cargo

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TRAXON Quality
Measuring shipment performance & Improving supply chain visibility

A successful start for continuous improvements

TRAXON Quality is a web-based platform to measure the full network of a customer, for shipment flows and performance. It allows the user to create a transport plan for shipments, and tracking the progress against events and alerting exceptions for actions and improvements.

Key features of the solution - that enable users to focus on customer satisfaction and cost reductions - include:

Alerting of deviations
Flagging of possible performance improvements
Measuring KPIs

At a glance
Real Time Visibility
the transport plan shows supply chain details and real time information flow
Can be customized to suit each individual business’ needs
Aids revenue growth
Results in cost savings and better service quality, which lead to fewer claims and improved revenue.

Further benefits of TRAXON Quality
Automatic alert in case of deviations or proactively.
Easy to implement based on industry-standard messages
The solution data can be provided as a separate data visualization service.
The solution can feed a web-based track & trace site, directly or through a REST service.