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mobile ACU / electric / for aircrafts



  • Mobility:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Applications:

    for aircrafts

  • Air flow:

    0.04 m³/min, 0.08 m³/min, 0.12 m³/min (1.413 ft³/min)


ACU FT24.G28 – Mobile Conditioning Combined Unit
The unit has been designed focusing on client real needs and manufactured following EFFETI quality standard, the GPU (Ground Power Units) 400Hz EFFETI serie FT99 is intended for aircraft power supplying combines sturdiness, safety and reliability to a neat design that suits perfectly to all your needs.
GPU (Ground Power Units) FT99 strong point is the 1500 R.p.m. rating that allows:
– Fuel lower consumption determines a lower impact on operation costs and environment;
– Reduced operating noise;
– Increased reliability;
– Less mechanical stress of the main components and consequently a reduced costs for maintenance and repair;
– Unit improved efficiency as the diesel engine works at his max. torque.

Da sempre sensibili ai problemi legati all’inquinamento ambientale e alla necessità di dover limitare le emissioni di anidride carbonica, abbiamo equipaggiato il GPU (Ground Power Units) FT99 a 1500giri/min. con un motore STAGE IIIA, in accordo con quanto prescritto dalle normative internazionali vigenti in materia di emissione di gas inquinanti. Always sensitive to environment preservation and to the necessity to reduce carbon monoxide emissions we have equipped GPU (Ground Power Units) FT99 at 1500 r.p.m. with an engine. STAGE IIIA certified, in accordance with the applicable international regulations in terms of emissions.
Simple and user friendly , thanks to its gull-wing door opening system on three sides, ensures the widest accessibility to all the unit’s internal components, always granting simple and most importantly fast and comfortable maintenance operations.