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aircraft APU / electric
36 Series

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aircraft APU / electric aircraft APU / electric - 36 Series


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More than 20 models of the 36-150 auxiliary power units (APUs) used today have proven on-wing reliability, superior efficiency, and great power-to-weight ratio for multiple aircraft from the helicopter, to small and medium range business jets, to turboprop applications. However you define value, the Honeywell 36 Series delivers.

The 36 Series of APUs deliver compressed air for main engine starting, air conditioning, anti-ice and heating systems. The 36-150 is capable of delivering air and shaft power simultaneously or individually. The 36-150 APU family encompasses more than 20 different variations modified for specific military and commercial aircraft application requirements.

Its ported shroud compressor design allows higher pneumatic performance and shaft loads while reducing ground noise up to 10dBA. From its class-leading power-to-weight ratio to its TSO-C77a Category 1 essential APU certification, the 36 Series’ long list of value-added design features has made it a staple in the APU industry. This explains why 36 Series models are available in so many bleed air, shaft horsepower and size combinations.