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maintenance software / planning / control / analysis



  • Function:

    planning, control, analysis

  • Applications:

    for airports, maintenance

  • Other characteristics:



Maintenance Process Planning (AVL)
Administration, planning, preparation and tracking of all maintenance activities:

Creation of Job Cards (paperless as digital Job Cards)
Automatic disposition of required material
(reservation – Work Order allocation – ordering)
Visual Work Order and staff resource planning
Display of Work Order completion times, allocated staff and required tooling
Manhour tracking by Barcode *
Work Order statistical and analytical data
Tracking of work in process, status report for the customer
(status of Job Cards: completed, in progress, open)
*optional: Staff in-out time tracking

Labour Time Tracking by Barcode (LEI)
Working time tracking for each job / job card
Actual amount of work for each job
Overtime and overtime bonuses are taken into account
Analysis of monthly working hours for each employee
Working hours per task, job, customer or aircraft
Comparison of actual v needed time per order or division
Hours worked and remedy text for the analysis and resolution of a Problem