management software / security / for airports / real-time



  • Function:

    management, security

  • Applications:

    for airports

  • Other characteristics:



A unified management platform for storing, retrieving, and reviewing X-ray images from multiple systems in one location.
Rapiscan® Systems’ state-of-the-art Network Image Archive Review (NETView) solution provides a unified management platform for storing, retrieving, and reviewing the X-ray images from multiple scanners in a centralized location. Designed to integrate multiple our baggage and parcel inspection screening (BPI) systems, NETView allows the X-ray images generated by the many networked scanners, to be archived in a single Network Archive Storage (NAS) server. Allowing for the collective archiving of images from a variety of BPI systems, including single and dual view scanners with various tunnel sizes, NETView allows image retrieval, review, processing, manipulation as well as image printing and export from a single operator NETView station. The NETView station includes the same familiar and matching tools, software and user interface as Rapiscan® Systems' standard tools available on a standalone scanner for image processing, manipulation and review, ensuring consistency and no need for additional knowledge acquisition by users.