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0 - 100kN turbofan / 300kg + / for business aircraft
Pearl 15

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0 - 100kN turbofan 0 - 100kN turbofan - Pearl 15


  • Thrust:

    0 - 100kN

  • Dry weight:

    300kg +

  • Applications:

    for business aircraft


At its heart the Pearl 15 has a completely new engine core, featuring the latest technologies from our Advance2 demonstrator programmes. This core includes a new 10-stage HP compressor with 6 titanium blisked stages, and advanced materials to achieve higher temperatures and record-level pressure ratios.
The world’s most advanced engine health monitoring system, harnessing digital capability to make intelligent decisions. The Pearl 15 features a step-change in ‘on-wing’ engine intelligence to deliver best-in-class engine availability.
A new 2-stage HP turbine engineered especially for the Pearl 15, provides enhanced aerodynamics and blade cooling. Incorporating a fully modulated case-cooling system to maximise efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.
An enhanced 3-stage LP turbine, developed from advanced high temperature materials enables higher fan power for increased thrust. Incorporating advanced segments and seals for higher pressures and temperatures while reducing weight and fuel burn.
Advanced nickel alloys and specialist ceramic coatings are deployed within the new core to allow greater efficiency. Enhanced segments and seals in the HP turbine also facilitate higher operating pressures and temperatures.
Cooling air is delivered through the components via a highly intricate network of holes that have been specially designed to keep the components running at their maximum efficiency and performance for longer.
A new ultra-low emissions combustion system with state-of-the-art cooling technology including a newly-designed tiled combustion chamber that builds upon our 3-shaft large engine experience.