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    for the aerospace industry


ZeroFlow® – gas nitriding process
Modern, energy-saving and ecological gas nitriding process used in HRN/VRN type furnaces
ZeroFlow® is a modern, energy-saving and ecological gas nitriding technology used in HRN/VRN type furnaces, allowing for the precise development of the preset composition of the nitrided layer, composed only of alpha, alpha+gamma’ or alpha+gamma’+epsilon phase, while maintaining minimum ammonia consumption, and thus, the minimum emission of post-process gases.

ZeroFlow® is a unique technology for gas nitriding furnace that ensures:

/ Full control of the nitriding processes with the use of ammonia as the only process gas (a dissociator is not needed).
/ Continuous visualization and automatic control of changes in the nitrogen potential in the furnace.
/ Possibility of precise control of the white layer thickness.
/ Continuous control of hydrogen level in the furnace.
/ The innovative nature of ZeroFlow technology enables a significant saving of process gases, in particular in the case of long-term nitriding processes.

ZeroFlow® technology allows for maintaining full versatility of conventional gas nitriding while optimising process gas consumption, i.e. a significant reduction thereof in relation to competitive technologies. Depending on the type of processed details, steel grade and final requirements, this method allows for saving gas consumption, including ammonia, by up to several dozen percent as compared to traditional methods.