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management software / control / monitoring / for aeronautics

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management software / control / monitoring / for aeronautics management software / control / monitoring / for aeronautics - NM10


  • Function:

    management, control, monitoring

  • Applications:

    for aeronautics


Observation Network Manager NM10
Access your weather observation data from anywhere
An automated network management system connects individual systems, sensors and devices so that you can easily monitor and control your sites and access your weather observation data from anywhere.

Implementing a scalable, flexible management solution with autonomous systems and intelligent field devices of different brands and types which provide interfaces for efficient integration with other products and systems will allow you to optimize your network operations, improve safety and facilitate operation in remote locations.

Vaisala Observation Network Manager NM10 enables remote monitoring and control of your weather observation networks on one central, secure and automated platform. An off-the-shelf solution with extensive support and proven performance and functionality significantly reduces the implementation time and total lifetime costs, helping you stretch your budget further.

Data acquisition: Vaisala weather transmitters, Vaisala air quality transmitters, Vaisala surface weather stations, Vaisala AviMet® airport systems, Vaisala AUTOSONDE® systems, Vaisala DigiCORA® sounding systems, Vaisala RWS200 road weather stations, Vaisala weather radars, Vaisala lightning detection systems, ASCII string message parsing from third-party surface weather sensors and systems (when applicable), OGC SensorThings RESTful HTTP service
Data post collection​: Vaisala surface weather stations​