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    for aeronautics


The CDMM includes an enhanced Situation Monitoring
system, which provides key information on flight
conditions through the display of critical data and the
mission profile.
The CDMM capabilities and modules are:
• Enhanced navigation precision
• Improved targeting and situation awareness
• Certifiable Digital Map Generator airborne software
(DO-178B level B compliant), providing digital video
interface for enhanced situation awareness and
• Map Preparation Facility, a ground-based software
generating map databases out of standard
cartographic and raw data
The Certifiable Digital Moving Map (CDMM) software
offers advanced situation awareness as a core
capability. Portable and adaptable, this product renders
representations of any geographical area where the
aircraft is positioned. The mapped location changes
simultaneously with the changing position of the aircraft,
and provides a real-time visual report on the aircraft’s
fight path. In addition, the CDMM filters extract and
display any important flight information, as well as
pseudo-3D landscapes based on the embedded Digital
Terrain Models (DTM) module. The CDMM software
comprises an extended variety of applications which are
available as stand-alone solutions or as part of integrated
The CDMM software offers the following capabilities:
• User-friendly interface, enabling in-flight planning
• Multilayered display of topographic and intelligence
• Display of flight plan and mission, including
destination points, target and threats
• Planning mode, enabling data entry and/or data
update during flight
• Graphical warning system for pre-loaded information
on threats, no-fly zones and obstacles