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0 - 1000hp turboshaft / 0 - 100kg / for helicopters



  • Engine power:

    0 - 1000hp

  • Dry weight:

    0 - 100kg

  • Applications:

    for helicopters


Set your sights on the standard-bearer
Growing the M250’s use in cutting-edge applications

More than 31,000 M250s have been delivered to date for both current and cutting-edge applications, with an estimated 16,000 engines currently in service.

Always reliable, always evolving
Originally developed as the T63 to meet a US Army requirement for a 250 shp turboshaft, the Series I M250 has spawned an entire family of small turbine engines.

A program of continuous development has resulted in today's range of Series II and Series IV engines, which power many of the world's most popular helicopters.

The recently introduced Value Improvement Package (VIP) kit gives Series IV operators a post-production option to improve performance by five percent. A FADEC upgrade program will also deliver improved capability and reliability.

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