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0 - 1000hp turboshaft / 0 - 100kg / for helicopters



  • Engine power:

    0 - 1000hp

  • Dry weight:

    0 - 100kg

  • Applications:

    for helicopters


Piston-replacing power
The affordable RR300 makes smooth and reliable turbine-powered flight possible for a new generation of aircraft.

Designed as a replacement for piston engines in light helicopters and general aviation aircraft, the engine is optimised for performance in the 240-300 shp power range.

The engine has a certified multi-fuel capability and proven turbine engine responsiveness, smoothness and worry-free reliability. A maintenance philosophy of a 2000 hour Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI) has been incorporated to assure dependable power and predictable performance for the owner/operator.

Power (shp) - 240-300
Pressure ratio - 6.2
Length (in) - 37.6
Width (in) - 21.5
Basic weight (lb) - 201 (dry)
Compressor - 1 stage centrifugal
Turbine - 2 stage GP, 2 stage PT

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