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drone avionics system

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drone avionics system drone avionics system - T1-A


T1 - A is a mature flight controller for agricultural UAV. It provides rich and practical function that can meet the multiple requirements of the current agricultural UAV. By the integration of high precision sensor, the application of advanced industrial precision calibration algorithm as well as reasonable intelligent operation mode, the more efficient, accurate and convenient way of plant protection work can be realized.

Multiple- operating modes
T1-A provides a variety of operation modes, such as AB point operation, semi-automatic operation and manual operation. In the AB point mode, the aircraft can automatically spray pesticides in accordance with the established route, which is suitable for large regular areas. In the semi-automatic operation mode, the user can control the aircraft flying in parallel, forward and backward. The aircraft automatically sprays pesticides, which is suitable for operation in the irregular areas. In the manual mode, the user can carry out regular flight and manual spraying of pesticides, which is suitable for more complex areas. Flexible operation mode can bring more convenience for plant protection.

Rigional-planning mode
In the "TopXGun agriculture" and the ground station, the user can select the operation area, and set operation distance, flight speed, altitude and other information. The aircraft will automatically fly back and forth according to the specified distance and traverse the entire area to complete the work, and the land operation is more convenient.