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drone avionics system

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drone avionics system drone avionics system - K3000


K3000 power suit is especially designed for plant protection drone.It contains M60 motor, E60HV electronic speed control and P22 propeller.Has a strong load capacity and excellent reliability。It can be used better in conjunction with the special flight control T1-A for plant protection equipment

Powerful load
The K3000 has a design load of 3500 to 4100 g / shaft and a maximum force up to 8000 g / shaft (48 V, sea level). For the Hex-rotor, the full-load take-off weight can be 20 to 24 kg, which is very strong.

By improving the machining accuracy and optimizing the structure of the motor, the impact resistance of the M60 motor has been greatly improved. In the stability aspect, the M60 motor adopts the 24N28P configuration, which reduces the vibration while reducing the motor wear during operation, thus prolonging the service life of the motor.

Ensure its readiness to provide effective protection
In order to adapt to the environment of plant protection, K3000 motor adopts a sealed appearance, so it has fine dustproof and waterproof effect, and its protection grade is as high as IP55. The coil is coated with a special coating to protect the motor from the corrosive effects of pesticides.