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control software / image analysis / for drone / real-time

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control software control software


  • Function:

    control, image analysis

  • Applications:

    for drone

  • Other characteristics:



Remote piloted aircraft offer a unique opportunity: to establish a constant flight system, capable of real time “surveillance” of any geographical area or industrial installation.

The Flightech UAS system is based on very lightweight aircraft, capable of landing and taking off in highly reduced spaces and with great operability.

The UAS system developed by Flightech is based on four pillars:
A network of unmanned aircraft.
An aerial imaging system with a great capacity for observation.
An efficient and instantaneous system for the transmission of images to a ground unit and via internet to any other point.
A land-based image analysis system to facilitate decision-making if any incident is identified.

Flightech has the latest technology in the field of high resolution thermal and electro-optical cameras, using a dual viewing system to guarantee detection.

The image capturing system allows:
Remote camera control.
HD (high definition) image recording.
Geo-pointing with the cameras.
Right/left – upward/downward movement with the joystick.
Image stabilization by inertial system.
Creation of automatic flight patterns.
Payload up to 12 Kg. totally adapted to the client.
Daytime/nighttime surveillance support.
Thermal camera.
Human activity detection up to 1.800 meters.