video corpo

0 - 1000hp turboprop / 100 - 200kg / for business aircraft / for general aviation



  • Engine power:

    0 - 1000hp

  • Dry weight:

    100 - 200kg

  • Applications:

    for business aircraft, for general aviation


GE’s H-Series Engine As the workhorses of the family, GE’s H-Series engines combine enhanced performance and operability with maintenance simplicity to deliver rugged, reliable power for a range of applications.

Aerial application
GE Aviation’s first turboprop application nearly 10 years ago was for aerial application exclusively on Thrush Aircraft’s 510G. In this high-performing, rigorous industry, GE’s H80 engine proved itself and gained a following among operators who wanted something less – less fuel, less maintenance, lower costs, and lower temperatures. Now with GE’s electronic engine and propeller control available in 2018, pilots will enjoy less work in the cockpit. Who doesn’t enjoy an easier day at the office?