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0 - 100kN turbofan / 100 - 200kg / for business aircraft

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0 - 100kN turbofan 0 - 100kN turbofan - FJ33


  • Thrust:

    0 - 100kN

  • Dry weight:

    100 - 200kg

  • Applications:

    for business aircraft


The advanced, very light FJ33 fanjet expands the options available to airframe manufacturers by providing an engine sized to power a whole new class of affordable light jets in the 5000- to 9000-pound GTOW class. These light jet aircraft will cruise over the weather at jet speeds, take off and land at small airports, and have lower operating cost than many twin-piston aircraft. The excellent thrust-to-weight ratio, fuel efficiency, and low acquisition and operating cost make the 1000 to1900-lbf FJ33 family of engines the only choice for this class of airplane. The FJ33 was FAA certified in 2004.

The Williams International FJ33 fanjet family incorporates technological advances developed under our FJ44 programs. Williams' low-noise, third-generation wide-sweep fan technology coupled with advanced high work, high efficiency core components results in a high overall pressure ratio that provides light weight and extraordinary cruise fuel economy. The robust, highly reliable FJ33 will help increase the availability of your aircraft.

The FJ33 enables aircraft to have the speed, comfort, and safety of jet propulsion at the economics of twin-piston aircraft.

Engine characteristics
Thrust Class.....1000 – 1900 lbf
Length...........38.5 in
Weight (dry).....<310 lb