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data management software / data analysis / for aeronautics / inflight
data management software

Aircraft Information Manager Saving you time with automatic content updates The days of content being out of date, or of trying to remember where you left the USB stick you used for content updates, are gone. With Aircraft Information ...

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Collins Aerospace - Rockwell Collins
management software / flight analysis / for aeronautics
management software
TopSky - AIM

TopSky - AIM includes a complete and modular set of interoperable components covering the full range of AIM functions compliant with latest ICAO and Eurocontrol standards. TopSky - AIM has the following high-end components: TopSky ...

management software / data analysis / for aeronautics / process
management software
Horizon® Fares Management

Industry studies indicate that correct pricing can contribute an extra 3-10% to an airline’s overall revenues. But how can you tell if your fares are at the right levels? Setting the right fares is essential for the success of any ...

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flight analysis software / monitoring / for mapping / for aeronautics
flight analysis software
ArcGIS GeoEvent

ArcGIS GeoEvent Server Real-time mapping and analytics Gain situational awareness of your real-time streaming data with ArcGIS GeoEvent Server, part of the Esri Geospatial Cloud. Whether you are tracking moving assets, monitoring ...

baggage management software / analysis / for airports / real-time
baggage management software

... The combination of SCADA with a comprehensive alarm system and smart CCTV provides the foundation for effective root-cause analysis and management. The graphical display provides a multi-level visualisation of the complete ...

management software / data analysis / for aeronautics / real-time
management software

3DEXCITE software, solutions, and CGI services provide high-end 3D visualizations in real-time for high-impact storytelling across all media channels. Leveraging your source data, 3DEXCITE opens up creative freedom to ...

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quality software / analysis / monitoring / manufacturing
quality software

... up to 100,000 times per second and the data is recorded in real time and saved layer by layer. The recorded data enables analysis to identify potential irregularities during fusion that can indicate anom

management software / data analysis / for airports
management software

Video Wall Management Software sideImage With the number of information sources within an Airport Operations Centre exponentially growing due to greater operational data analysis and A-CDM tools, traditional ...

design software / management / control / analysis
design software

... cable analysis, radar and infrared signatures etc.) Tools specifically designed and developed to provide solutions to particular problems (e.g. smart material design, radiated emission and radiated susceptibility in ...

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analysis software / calculation / for airports / real-time
analysis software

WAITING TIME System for the analysis of waiting time The WAITING TIME module, from the PAXTRACK software suite, calculates the waiting time for passengers at different points of transition within airports. ...

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RESA Airport Data Systems
flight analysis software / monitoring / for aeronautics / maintenance
flight analysis software

The ALERTS (Aircraft Logging and Event Recording for Training and Safety) system is our award-winning and affordable turnkey FDM program. The video below explains how the system captures image, audio, and inertial data to support a proactive ...

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Appareo Systems
noise management software / reporting / analysis / monitoring
noise management software

... management that supports efficient aircraft noise and track monitoring, analysis, reporting and a tool to help better communicate on the environmental impact of airport operation. The software runs ...

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control software / image analysis / for drone / real-time
control software

Advanced Command and Control Software. ViewPoint is a ground based control software application that displays video and command/control for Cloud Cap Technology TASE imaging payloads.

supply chain management software / data analysis / for aeronautics
supply chain management software

reporting software / analysis / for airports / real-time
reporting software

... airport’s radar, traffic, weather, airfield lighting and NAVAID status. It also includes a record and playback feature for analysis. NAVCANlink is versatile and designed to work with a variety of data sources. It also ...

analysis software / simulation / for aeronautics / machining
analysis software

... allows you to optimize the tool lengths, air cutting and cutting conditions of your NC programs (from 3 to 5 axis simulation software). Reduce the operating cycle of your programs Enhance the quality of your machining operations

data management software / fleet management / data analysis / for aeronautics
data management software
airport 20/20

... unexpected events by intuitively balancing costs, constraints and service level agreements – saving hours of manual data analysis.

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flight analysis software / flight simulation / for mapping / for aeronautics
flight analysis software

... is a Portable, Type A/B software designed to create Electronic Flight Folders, and also distribute and view Airbus and Boeing XML aircraft manuals, plus internal manuals produced by the airline. This aviation-specific ...

monitoring software / flight analysis / for drone / for tablet computers
monitoring software
mdCockpit App

mdCockpit App: Function and flexibility at your fingertips Plan, monitor, adjust, and analyze your missions right from your tablet Professionals who use Microdrones UAVs for surveying, mapping, volumetrics, inspection, construction, mining, ...

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image analysis software / for drone
image analysis software
Site Scan™

Drone. Data. Decisions. Site Scan™ saves time and money in construction.

passenger management software / analysis / for airports / real-time
passenger management software

Merchandising and RetailingWith ancillary revenue now approaching $46B annually, airlines must fill the purchasing gaps throughout the passenger journey by finding new ways to connect with passengers at any time, through any channel. ...

planning software / fleet management / flight analysis / for airports
planning software
Flight Fleets Analyzer™

Understand the global fleet Flight Fleets Analyzer helps organisations identify business development opportunities by providing insight into the make-up of the global fleet and how it’s evolving via aircraft ownership changes and deliveries. Identify ...

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analysis software / simulation / design / for airports
analysis software

... taxiway and runway movement evaluations with AviPLAN Turn Pro, the ultimate CAD-based software for aircraft and ground service equipment turn and swept path analysis. Perform aircraft and ground vehicle ...

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analysis software / measurement / for the aerospace industry / real-time
analysis software
Torsion & Twist

... torsional vibration. The Instantaneous angular Velocity Converter software option converts it in an instantaneous angular velocity signal available for the analysis plug-ins. With NVGate, the software ...

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planning software / data management / reporting / control
planning software
SPC Vision

A steering matrix models the relationships between machine parameters and dimensions of the manufactured part. SPC Vision automatically calculates the best machine corrections based on differences in the target values of the measured ...

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