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management software / analysis / video surveillance / access control
management software

Every face has a storyAdd an additional layer of security to any video surveillance deployment with Face Recognition analytics. Face Recognition is ideally suited for securing facilities that require a stronger layer of protection for ...

analysis software / flight simulation / for aeronautics
analysis software
MIL-STD-1553 Flight Simulyzer™

Graphical User Interface Analyzer/Simulator Software AIT's Flight Simulyzer is an intuitive, easy-to-use, and affordable MIL-STD-1553 GUI Analyzer/Simulator Software Application that allows users to capture, ...

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Avionics Interface Tech (AIT)
NDT software / image analysis / for aeronautics / real-time
NDT software

... Intuitive and well-designed user interface Use in production-, laboratory and service applications Compatible to other edevis software products

analysis software / design / for aeronautics
analysis software

GENESIS Structural Analysis and Optimization Software is a fully integrated analysis and design optimization software package, written by leading experts in structural ...

analysis software / modeling / for aeronautics
analysis software

... quickly and more affordably applied to future design iterations. Infrared analysis can be applied to humans, vehicles, buildings or other engineered systemsInfrared analysis can be applied to humans, ...

data management software / control / analysis / for aeronautics
data management software

... handles all the configuration control and plug-in management and provides a data centric approach to aircraft design and analysis.j2 Universal allows users to perform different tasks at varying stages of the design process ...

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J2 Aircraft Dynamics
analysis software / for aeronautics / 3D / 2D
analysis software
Vic-Gauge 2D/3D

... live against analog load inputs. Results are saved for every analyzed point, and full images may be saved for full-field analysis in Vic-2D or Vic-3D.Measurement System Feature OverviewThe Vic-Gauge 3D system is offered ...

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data analysis software / design / for aeronautics / process
data analysis software

... provides advanced data analysis and multidisciplinary optimization mathematical methods packaged in an easy-to-use graphical software environment.pSeven is an intelligent solution which allows even non-math ...

analysis software / for aeronautics
analysis software

The ATOS Professional evaluation software provides all necessary tools for a comprehensive analysis of parts and components. Using parametric inspection, all actions and evaluation steps are completely ...

fleet management software / analysis / for airports
fleet management software

airsight is Transoft Solutions' aviation planning software official reseller for the DACH countriesA-SMS - Airport Safety Management System SoftwareA-SMS, developed by airsight, is a web- based Software ...

data management software / data analysis / monitoring / for aeronautics
data management software

Panorama HISTORIAN is a stand-alone solution, ideal to collect and aggregate data from one or more installations. H² supplements the global enterprise information system and also provide MES (Manufacturing Execution System) features.Supervising ...

management software / analysis / access control / for airports
management software

... main modules:Helix Point of Sale: a software for the management of a point of sale with operators.Helix Report e Statistiche: a reporting software for sales and access analysis purposes.Helix ...

baggage management software / analysis / security / for airports
baggage management software

... bagsEnhanced passenger service with a seamless travel experience and reductions in lost and mishandled bagsInstant Access – software can be accessed via Internet using secure HTTPS and/or intranet

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Zafire Aviation Software Ltd
CAD/CAM software / quality / analysis / for aeronautics
CAD/CAM software

Take your machining productivity to new heightsMachining STRATEGIST is a powerful 3D CAM product that generates optimum roughing and finishing CNC toolpaths from the complex shapes generated by all major 3D modelling systems. With demands ...

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reporting software / image analysis / for aeronautics / 3D
reporting software

Workswell CorePlayer software is designed for detailed analysis of thermograms (thermo vision images) and radiometric videos produced by the Workswell WIC thermal camera or thermovision systems for Workswell ...

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Workswell s.r.o.
test software / data analysis / for aeronautics
test software

... function.Online Data Analysis and ReportingThe online analysis and display functions give a fast overview of the results during the test or when stored data are replayed. Advanced data analysis ...

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m+p international
image analysis software / GPS / for mapping / for drones
image analysis software

In order to take full advantage of any gimbal’s capabilities, a feature rich user interface is required. As opposed to alternative gimbal interfaces that were “designed by engineers for engineers” featuring pages of data, Trillium’s ...

quality software / image analysis / automation / for aeronautics
quality software

Accurate Automation Corporation has developed auto-notary™, a process to prove thatan electronic image is unaltered from its original, and to prove the conditions underwhich the electronic image was captured. This patent pending process ...

data management software / data analysis / for aeronautics
data management software

To fulfill the actual needs of our customers and to fit the extended functionality of our devices, we developed a new software tool. Our R&D department, aided with plenty of feedback from our customers, created HMCS. ...

image analysis software / calculation / for aeronautics / 2D
image analysis software

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test software / analysis / for aeronautics / real-time
test software

... testing. Test data and results can also be exported into common spreadsheet and database programs for further review and analysis.

functional analysis software / for aeronautics / process
functional analysis software
Aeronautical Data Validation Platform

Standard ATM formats for aeronautical, weather and flight data (AIXM, WXXM & FIXM) are becoming intensively used across all boundaries in the worldwide aviation data exchange process. In an operational context, data validation is essential ...

quality software / for NDT / data analysis / for aeronautics
quality software

... line softwareDeveloped by AIRBUS Group Innovations, supported by TESTIA.An innovative software package dedicated to non-destructive testing, ultrasonic data analysis and automated diagnosis.Main Benefits■ ...

management software / data analysis / data acquisition / for aeronautics
management software
TecView™ UT

TecView™ UT is a complete software system solution which allows you to perform non-destructive Automated Ultrasonic Testing (UT) of material. It is designed for managing the entire procedure of Ultrasonic Testing including ...

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image analysis software / video surveillance / for airports
image analysis software
Essential 6.30

Essential Video Analytics for small and medium businesses, large retail stores, commercial buildings, and warehouses Intrusion detection Enforcing health and safety regulations: blocked emergency exits, no-parking zones Business analytics: ...

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Bosch Security Systems BV