analysis software / for mapping / for airports
analysis software

Obstacle Evaluation Solution (OES) OES provides a web service with the national Aeronautical Information Services which is in charge of the management, collection, organisation and distribution of aeronautical information. OES is ...

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analysis software / for airports
analysis software

... checklists, relevant risk factors are assessed and the operational risk is automatically calculated. Furthermore, a risk analysis for single flights (FRAT) can be performed based on airports and actual flight data.

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quality software / analysis / for airports / process
quality software

... Recording Compliance with the agreed quality standards is checked by capturing the actual service performance data in the software module GHS-Service. Here the complete services provided for each ground handling process ...

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analysis software / for control towers
analysis software

... also the full flight data processing, as well as the calculation of spatiotemporal (4D) trajectories and the air situation analysis for conflict-free environment (STCA, MSAW). In the ninetieths and early 2000th years, ...

analysis software / for ATM
analysis software

... be integrated within the programme 4-FLIGHT for the realization of the “Single Sky”. NEXT has carried out the preliminary analysis, as well as the modelling and the re-design of the presentation subsystem.

image analysis software / access control / for airports / 3D
image analysis software

... workstation Feature Highlights • Excellent image quality for efficient and reliable on-screen resolution • Fast and easy image analysis through various image-manipulation functions • Intuitive operation • Touchscreen-capable • ...

management software / image analysis / monitoring / for airports
management software

... Increases passenger throughput • Reduces operational costs • Raises security levels • STAC certification for multiplexed image analysis Checkpoint.Evoplus Checkpoint.Evoplus combines individual components and sensors ...

image analysis software / security / for airports
image analysis software

Information reference system «Passport» The database is intended for express authenticity verification and advanced examination of passports, ID cards and other travel documents. IRS “Passport” contains images of documents and corresponding ...

programming software / image analysis / for aeronautics / 3D
programming software

... measurement tasks, density analysis and much more. For a better handling the software is completely controllable through a touch interface and has different user levels. The X-ray components can be directly ...

analysis software / aeronautical
analysis software

To facilitate ground control analysis and decision making, the Seascape Screenmailer enables operators in aircraft with a satellite internet link to capture the current contents of the display as an image file and transmit ...

analysis software / design / for aeronautics
analysis software

... Technical Services - Vector Fields Software and its product Opera have been at the forefront of finite element electromagnetic analysis for more than twenty-five years. Opera is a general-purpose ...

analysis software / for aeronautics
analysis software

The heart of your CMM: to organize, execute, calculate and report. Organize your measurement programs on the network Add commands and instructions to guide the operator Create individual reports meeting your customer's needs Archive ...

analysis software / security / for airports
analysis software
Genie LIVE

The Genie LIVE is a professional Automatic Number Plate Registration System. The system facilitates real time database checks allowing traffic movement to be monitored.