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data management software / data analysis / for aeronautics
data management software

To fulfill the actual needs of our customers and to fit the extended functionality of our devices, we developed a new software tool. Our R&D department, aided with plenty of feedback from our customers, created HMCS. ...

test software / analysis / for aeronautics / real-time
test software

... testing. Test data and results can also be exported into common spreadsheet and database programs for further review and analysis.

functional analysis software / for aeronautics / process
functional analysis software
Aeronautical Data Validation Platform

Standard ATM formats for aeronautical, weather and flight data (AIXM, WXXM & FIXM) are becoming intensively used across all boundaries in the worldwide aviation data exchange process. In an operational context, data validation is essential ...

quality software / for NDT / data analysis / for aeronautics
quality software

... line softwareDeveloped by AIRBUS Group Innovations, supported by TESTIA.An innovative software package dedicated to non-destructive testing, ultrasonic data analysis and automated diagnosis.Main Benefits■ ...

management software / data analysis / data acquisition / for aeronautics
management software
TecView™ UT

TecView™ UT is a complete software system solution which allows you to perform non-destructive Automated Ultrasonic Testing (UT) of material. It is designed for managing the entire procedure of Ultrasonic Testing including ...

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image analysis software / video surveillance / for airports
image analysis software
Essential 6.30

Essential Video Analytics for small and medium businesses, large retail stores, commercial buildings, and warehouses Intrusion detection Enforcing health and safety regulations: blocked emergency exits, no-parking zones Business analytics: ...

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Bosch Security Systems BV
quality software / analysis / security / for airports
quality software

The third part of Aralia’s three-part software suite, aster performs historical analysis of the analytic metadata stored in the ilex database. aster incorporates all the features found in Aralia’s ilex ...

data analysis software / for airports / real-time
data analysis software
CA+ Capture

... Capture can start collecting transactional sales data straight away with minimal setup and configuration. CA+ Capture is a software-solution with an economical footprint that can be installed on a variety of POS systems ...

management software / analysis / for aeronautics
management software

For Analysis and Verification of bolted connections we offer our software SpaceBolt™. This Tool enables analysis of bolted connections according to: • VDI2230 "Systematic analysis ...

analysis software / for airports
analysis software
Real-time software

Tracking of each voting device Overview of daily performance Tool for root cause analysis Option for USB-Antenna (up to ~600m/2000ft coverage)

flight analysis software / for aeronautics
flight analysis software

N-Airfase Safety under scrutiny N-Airfase is a flight data analysis software designed to help airlines improve safety via post-flight reviews of recorded in-flight events. This solution is suitable ...

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analysis software / for mapping / for airports
analysis software

Obstacle Evaluation Solution (OES) OES provides a web service with the national Aeronautical Information Services which is in charge of the management, collection, organisation and distribution of aeronautical information. OES is ...

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analysis software / for airports
analysis software

... checklists, relevant risk factors are assessed and the operational risk is automatically calculated. Furthermore, a risk analysis for single flights (FRAT) can be performed based on airports and actual flight data.

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quality software / analysis / for airports / process
quality software

... Recording Compliance with the agreed quality standards is checked by capturing the actual service performance data in the software module GHS-Service. Here the complete services provided for each ground handling process ...

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analysis software / for control towers
analysis software

... also the full flight data processing, as well as the calculation of spatiotemporal (4D) trajectories and the air situation analysis for conflict-free environment (STCA, MSAW). In the ninetieths and early 2000th years, ...

analysis software / for ATM
analysis software

... be integrated within the programme 4-FLIGHT for the realization of the “Single Sky”. NEXT has carried out the preliminary analysis, as well as the modelling and the re-design of the presentation subsystem.

analysis software / control / for mapping / tracking
analysis software
RTSA-Suite Pro

Software Adaptation for every field of application – Because software is key! The new RTSA-Suite Pro is a powerful real-time spectrum analysis software that enables ...

image analysis software / programming / for aeronautics / process
image analysis software

... measurement tasks, density analysis and much more. For a better handling the software is completely controllable through a touch interface and has different user levels. The X-ray components can be directly ...

analysis software / aeronautical
analysis software

To facilitate ground control analysis and decision making, the Seascape Screenmailer enables operators in aircraft with a satellite internet link to capture the current contents of the display as an image file and transmit ...

analysis software / design / for aeronautics
analysis software

... Technical Services - Vector Fields Software and its product Opera have been at the forefront of finite element electromagnetic analysis for more than twenty-five years. Opera is a general-purpose ...

baggage management software / inspection / security / automation
baggage management software

NEXLINK An innovative, integrated hardware and software platform that allows a security site to network one or more Baggage and Parcel Inspection (BPI) 600 series advanced X-ray screening systems with a series of remote ...

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analysis software / for aeronautics
analysis software

The heart of your CMM: to organize, execute, calculate and report. Organize your measurement programs on the network Add commands and instructions to guide the operator Create individual reports meeting your customer's needs Archive ...

analysis software / security / for airports
analysis software
Genie LIVE

The Genie LIVE is a professional Automatic Number Plate Registration System. The system facilitates real time database checks allowing traffic movement to be monitored.