two-seater LSA / single-engine / piston engine / instructional

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two-seater LSA / single-engine / piston engine / instructional two-seater LSA / single-engine / piston engine / instructional - F2


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    piston engine

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The F2 is the newest aircraft from Flight Design general aviation. One we think will define light aircraft safety, performance and comfort in a CS-23 certified aircraft, as an S-LSA and also as a 600 Kg Ultralight. The F2 brings a fresh look at high-wing light aircraft design with class leading safety features and an innovative Garmin avionic suite.

The spacious ‘extra-large’ cabin of the F2 has been designed for extra rigidity and incorporates a combination of dynamically tested passenger seats, panel-mounted AMSAFE ™ airbags and an Airframe Emergency Parachute System (AEPS) for your safety. The atmosphere inside the F2 is improved with many clever design features, the modern heating/fresh air system and comfortable leather covered, electrically-adjustable seating.

The structure of the F2 is manufactured to close tolerances in pre-impregnated carbon fiber for great structural strength and light weight. Flight Design general aviation has created an international team of light aircraft industry specialists and designers to collaborate on the F2. The advanced features of the F2 will make all your flights safer and more enjoyable but also a better environment for learning how to fly.

Flight Design is committed to remain the leader in the Ultralight industry by employing progressive design concepts and modern safety features.

A modern aircraft should have all the features seeking to improve performance, situational awareness and reduce the pilot workload.