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200 - 300kN turbofan / 300kg + / for airliners
Trent 500



  • Thrust:

    200 - 300kN

  • Dry weight:

    300kg +

  • Applications:

    for airliners


The long-haul profit generator
Offering excellent hot and high capability.

The Trent 500 provides reliable, economic power for the Airbus A340, with excellent in-service margins, leading to longer time on-wing and competitive maintenance costs.

With its design derived from the reliable RB211 family of three-shaft engines, the Trent 500's advanced layout provides lighter weight, better payload/range and more revenue-earning potential than its competitors.

Its diffusion bonded/superplastically formed (DB/SPF) wide-chord fan protects the engine against foreign object damage while latest generation single crystal high-pressure turbine blades help to ensure that engines have the best on-wing life in the airline industry.

The combustor produces the lowest flight pollution levels and the engines are designed for low noise, making them kinder to the environment.