floatplane / passenger / 4-stroke engine / 0 - 10 Pers.
TL 3000 Sirius



  • Type:


  • Applications:


  • Engine type:

    4-stroke engine

  • Passenger capacity:

    0 - 10 Pers.

  • Other characteristics:



The amphibian with a big heart..

We have discovered extended potential of the Sirius far beyond our imagination. Its design was perfect for water landing. We agreed there was no need to hesitate and have created the LSA version – the TL 3000 Sirius with floats. Not only can the Sirius land on water, solid ground landing is no problem for this aircraft either. No restrictions exist – the TL-3000 Sirius is able to land everywhere.

Story of the Sirius with floats

Desire to surpass limitations is driving us further. We have conquered the air and now even water. Sirius with floats is able to land everywhere with ease. We are overcoming limitations and conquering nature. All of the Sirius features have been taken to a higher level. Floats have been added and tested in challenging conditions. We have succeeded yet again.